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A $250 deposit will be required for New Customers to confirm their order for ground beef. Loyal past customers in good standing will not be required to place a deposit to confirm their order. Past customers who wish to make a deposit may request to do so. Please indicate so in the “Additional Instructions” portion of the order form. All deposits will be deducted from final purchase price once we have the total cost of your order based on the hanging weight of your beef. Full payment is required in the fall before delivery.

We will contact you when we have your order ready to deliver.

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Ground Beef Orders Delivery Date: Fall 2017

Ground Beef orders are similar to Sides of Beef orders. The difference is that you only receive ground beef. Pricing for initial sale is based on the hanging weight so you don’t pay for the skin, head, or stomach. You can buy either a whole, half, or quarter beef. Prices are as follows:

$3.49/lb on hanging weight ($1.49/lb carcass weight, $1.00/lb processing fee, $1.00/lb shipping)

What to expect:
Each animal will be different in weight, and selected randomly for each customer. Carcass weights will vary from 600 to 900 pounds. The average is around 700 lbs on the rail. You can expect 60% of this weight as finished package weight.

All ground beef orders come in 2 pound packages and fully frozen.

Description Carcass Hanging Weight Percentage Yield Packaged Take-Home Weight Value of Take-Home Meat TOTAL Cost
Explanation: (Hanging on the rail after hide, head, and stomach are removed) (After removing bone and fat trimmings) (Carcass weight x 60% yield) (Total cost divided by packaged weight) (Hanging weight x $3.49/lb)
Whole Beef 700 lbs 60% 420 lbs $5.87/lb $2,443
½ Beef 350 lbs 60% 210 lbs $5.87/lb $1,221.50
¼ Beef 175 lbs 60% 105 lbs $5.87/lb $610.75

When you pay $3.49/lb on the hanging weight, 60% of that is actual yield as the take home amount. The chart above gives examples based on average hanging weights, but your carcass weight will vary by animal.

We are required to pre-sell our livestock by USDA federal regulations. As an example, if you buy one half we find someone else to buy the other half before we butcher. That way we are selling the animal live on the hoof.

Other Cuts that are at no extra charge (Optional)

Heart, Liver, Tongue, Soup Bones, Ox Tail

Shipping & Handling:
Shipping from our ranch to Kodiak is figured into the purchase price, but shipping beyond Kodiak is an additional cost. We expect estimate costs to be:

-Kodiak to Anchorage: $0.50 per pound

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