Sitkinak Cattle Ranch


Alaska Meat Company aims to provide exceptionally high quality beef products from Sitkinak Cattle Ranch that are produced with both our consumers’ health in mind, and that of the environment.  As a family owned and operated business, we can focus on what really matters in the cattle business- safe, healthy food for the people.  If the consumer is happy with our naturally raised Alaskan meat products and our producers are reaching their full potential, then we are well on the way to achieving these goals.


Cattle in Alaska?  On a remote island in the North Pacific?  Why?                                            

The Mudd family, a fourth generation ranching family, moved from Oregon to Sitkinak Island in 2001 to manage wild cattle that roamed free since 1937…


…When we first landed on Sitkinak, the only sounds were those of God’s nature.  The only running water came from the enthusiasm of us kids bringing it from the streams.  The only source of light at night was a lantern, and our only source of heat came from a large wood stove we brought with us and drift wood collected on the beach.


We proceeded to built cabins, fences, and corrals necessary to operate this island ranch.  As a family we learned airplanes, boats, fishing, and a world of exciting adventurous activities needed to run this new undeveloped Alaska cattle ranch.  It became apparent that we had taken on the adventure of a lifetime!


Our family of five started to diverge when kids went off to college.  The two younger of the three children moved on into other careers, leaving the family ranch business to the management of Bob and his son Nathan Mudd.


During our years on Sitkinak, as a father-son team, we decided a meat processor was needed on the island to reduce stress from hauling animals by boat and truck, and create a way to reduce/eliminate cold storage of the seasonally produced beef.  In 2009, the result was a USDA Approved Multi-Location Abattoir (MLA), the first mobile facility to acquire USDA FSIS Inspection in Alaska.  We designed and built it in Kodiak and transported the mobile facility by boat to Sitkinak in the summer of 2009. 

We are excited to present Alaska’s first ranch operation that raises and processes their meat into specialty meat products at the ranch.  There are very few places in our country where you can truly know where your meat comes from.  With Alaska Meat Company, you can know that 100% of our meat has been processed at the ranch where the cattle have grown up. 

Psalms 50:10 "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills."