Sitkinak Cattle Ranch

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Our Story

As a family business, our work is done as unto the Lord our God.  Our religious heritage is very important to us.  As a parallel, the heritage of our cattle on their isolated pristine island is very special to us as well.  Their origin goes back to the first beef cattle brought to Sitkinak Island in 1937.  This strain of cattle has thrived in the lush coastal environment ever since that time. 

In 2004, we acquired Organic certification, but did not have to change anything to do it.  Our cattle have always enjoyed natural grazing all year long and are never confined for feeding.  They have never been given vaccines, hormones, or chemicals.  They don't even wear a brand!  We are blessed to be entrusted with these unique cattle which are organic in the pure sense of the word.

As a family, we have been annually harvesting the calves and older animals in the effort to sustainably manage the herd for it's optimum health.  If you are interested in joining our customer list and filling your freezer with free-range, native grass-fed beef, please contact us.

Psalms 50:10 "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills."